Thai Language Courses

Why Learn Thai at A New Language School Samui?
Caring, professionally qualified and experienced full-time teaching.
Unique learning experience in School with maximum of 6 students in our 2 hour full-time classes.
Our small class size means our students have more time to learn to speak. It also allows our teachers to give our students more individual attention.

Join our teachers and students from around the world in our interesting and fun Thai cultural activities which take advantage of the fact that Thai is all around us. Learn to express yourself with confidence.

A New Language Students achieve SUCCESS!

Our One Year Thai Education Visa course covers all the courses listed below, but not limited to these courses. For students learning quickly we can provide more advanced studies at no extra cost.
All courses are available individually for students not using the Education Visa course, refresher courses, or students just wishing to study a particular subject.

1. Basic Thai

2. Time and shopping

3. Intermediate Thai

4. Confidence Thai

5. Development of Thai just like a Thai

6.  Advanced Local and Cultural Thai,

7.  Using Thai perfectly

8.  Advanced Thai

9. Special Course for Tourist! 10 hours.

*** Every course includes conversations to solidify learning.***

 If you are ready to start learning Thai, join “A New Language School Samui” by contacting us on 077-426981  Mobile: 0873862198 or e-mail: